Texas Cosmetic and Laser Dermatology

At D-Derm Dermatology, our doctors have the trained eye and years of experience to recognize the subtleties between a skin condition that’s cancerous and one that’s not. But they also recognize the significance of those seemingly harmless blemishes. They’re ready to restore your self-confidence and help you achieve the best appearance possible.

We offer:

  • Full spectrum of cosmetic treatments: A center with one of the region’s most comprehensive list of services, tailored to your needs.
  • Specialized team: Our doctors are specially trained in cosmetics and laser treatments — rather than just general dermatology.
  • Excellent outcomes: We offer medically backed treatments with safe track records and proven results — you know what you’re getting, and it works.

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Dermatology Treatments

Acne scar treatment

Each acne scarring case is unique, so we offer a range of treatments — from fillers and medications to lasers and surgery.


Botox injections are a safe and effective way to treat wrinkles and excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), while avoiding surgery.

Chemical peels

For Texas Chemical Peels, certain solutions can peel away old skin — revealing a new layer that’s often smoother, less wrinkled and more evenly colored.

Hair removal

Our light and laser hair removal treatments are safe and almost pain-free, giving better results than older methods.

Injectable fillers

When aging causes sagging skin and wrinkles, injections of fat or specially designed fillers can restore your youthful appearance.

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing carefully vaporizes damaged skin cells, layer by layer — leaving a smoother, younger appearance.

Laser tattoo removal

Lasers can safely and effectively destroy the cells holding tattoo pigment, giving you a fresh start.

Laser vein treatment

Our pulsed dye lasers (PDLs) can safely and effectively treat spider and varicose veins, as well as stretch marks and scars.

Pulsed light rejuvenation

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is not a laser but also treats unsightly veins and sun and age damage.


By injecting unsightly veins with special solutions, we can make them much less noticeable — and sometimes disappear altogether.

Skin lesion surgery

Scraping, cutting and heating are surgical options to successfully treat your skin condition when less invasive ways won’t work.

Photodynamic therapy

Photodynamic therapy is a precise, patient friendly way to treat some skin cancers and precancerous growths caused by sun damage.

Conditions Treated

Acne rosacea

Rosacea is a common condition known for facial redness — but it can spread elsewhere, too, and cause other problems.

Acne scars

Deep acne breakouts can leave scars behind — bumps, pinpricks or small depressions with wavy edges or sharp corners.

Cysts and moles

Skin growths (moles) and lumps (cysts) are often harmless, but removing them can improve appearance and relieve irritation.

Excessive sweating

While sweating is normal, some people do it unpredictably, excessively and often inexplicably — a condition called hyperhidrosis.

Facial volume loss

Losing volume can make your face look unnecessarily aged and unbalanced, with sagging skin, thinning lips and wrinkles.


Getting injured or having surgery can damage the skin’s deepest layer, sometimes leading to scarring after the body’s repairs.

Skin spots

Sun exposure can cause red or brown spots like freckles, age spots and liver spots — damage our treatments can remove.

Skin texture

We can fix uneven skin texture, a condition tied to aging and marked by roughness, bumpiness, dryness and dull appearance.

Skin tone

Uneven tone may occur when your skin has spots or patches with a different color or shade.

Spider veins

Some blood vessels look like spider webs and are vascular lesions — conditions that include hemangiomas and port wine stains.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins are swollen blood vessels that appear purple or red and twisted, usually on the legs.


Wrinkles and crow’s feet are a normal part of aging, but we offer proven ways to turn back the clock.

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